Wednesday, August 16, 2017 About Us

Business and Investment Department is first point of contact for investors. It is most superior reference for defining investment and participation methods as well as introduction, coordination, monitoring and follow-up with potential investors in order to enable NIOC to develop direct investment, reduce reliance to public funds, and prevent freeze in implementation of projects in Iranian oil sector.

This department will guide the investors by providing wide range of information about the investment/participation process, investment packages, priority projects, introduction investors to relevant NIOC’s subsidiary companies/departments etc.

Our Roles

Business & Investment Department of NIOC roles can be summarized as follows:

  • Capture domesticand foreign investors attention for participation in Iranian oil industry;
  • Offering various services, help and professional support for investors as well as contractors which seek to invest or do business in Iran’s oil sector;  

Other Roles

  • Identify opportunities to increase NIOCs value creation capabilities and designing appropriate commercial proposals;
  • Improve different parts of NIOCs value chain in order to optimize its business model;Improve NIOCs risk management system.  

Our Values

  • We support investors, facilitate investment and ensure the safety of their capital, while complying with the governing rules and considering social responsibilities, we help them to make fair profit based on the transparency and accountability principles;
  • We are keen to facilitate technology transfer to Iranian companies through policy making and also attracting capable foreign investors to engage in Iran’s oil sector;
  • We are serious to cooperate with respective authorities in order to remove legal restrictions on foreign investment in oil sector;  

Other Values

  • We are eager to create a fun and positive learning working environment for our coworkers.